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The How, Where and Why of Beanbag Toss

Similar to horseshoes, bean bags toss is generally introduced to most people through fair and carnival games. Beanbag toss is also known as 'cornhole' in certain regions of America. This alternative name is derived from the bags originally being cornhole or feed bags, filled with corn.

In modern times, though, the titular beanbag of beanbag toss is filled with PVC pellets or, a bit less commonly, actual dry beans. The other major component of the game is a large vertical board, usually constructed of plywood, with a hole in it. The hole is often constructed to be just barely large enough to allow a beanbag to go through, at just the right angle.

When the game of beanbag toss is played with scoring rules, typically one point is awarded for hitting the large board, while three points are given for getting the beanbag through the significantly less sizable hole. Throws are allowed a maximum of twenty seconds for aiming, with each player in the game being given four throws. In more formal games, there is one or more pitcher's boxes for the players to stand in while making their throws. It's worth noting that a bag that lands in the hole and hangs suspended in it without falling is worth one point only.

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