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blue waffle s Disease Pictures

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If you have seen images of infected and inflamed vaginal areas with a distinctive bluish tinge, what you are looking at are likely blue waffle s disease pictures.

blue waffle s STD


blue waffle s disease is gotten from the roman word “waffle” which connotes the word “vagina” which is used to describe a female's sexual organ and the blue ...

blue waffle

Know Your Meme

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blue waffle is a bait-and-switch type shock image. Victims are told to search for an image of a blue waffle on Google's Image Search, only to be surprised by a ...

blue waffle


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So if you were wondering who was doing vocals for blue waffle , it's still Famt who's still yet to record any vocals, and Josh who's best known for his work within ...

blue waffle s Disease - An STD Infection?


The history of blue waffle Disease dates back to 2007 when men and women started searching for its causes, images and pictures. It gained massive popularity ...

Symptoms leading to blue waffle s Disease

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May 3, 2015 - The Symptoms of blue waffle s Disease as previously explained have nothing to do with real life, just because it's a very mysterious disease.

(Updated) blue waffle s Disease is FAKE - Here's Why


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Jul 20, 2016 - Concerned about the blue waffle s STD? Don't be — it's an internet hoax. Learn why blue waffle isn't real and what infections you should watch ...

blue waffle Disease - Causes Pictures Symptoms And Treatment

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blue waffle Disease is a not a disease in itself, but a term that was made up to describe a very bad vaginal infection.It is also an “urban legend” . Read More ...

N.J. councilwoman victimized by 'blue waffle disease' prank - NY Daily ...

nydailynews ... n-councilwoman-victimized-blue-waffle-disease-prank-arti...

Apr 4, 2013 - A Trenton, N.J., councilwoman fell victim to what appeared to be an April Fool's prank when she brought up "blue waffle disease" at a City ...

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blue waffles disease

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