08th March 2018 Written by Anna Reigosa

healthcare apprenticeship logo v2In 2017 Skills for Health in partnership with Health Education England developed a new portal for apprenticeships relevant to the NHS and the healthcare sector. Now 10 months up and running, the Healthcare Apprenticeship Standards Online (HASO) website features over 120 apprenticeship standards.

HASO enables healthcare employers to:

• Access standards and assessment plans
• Source information on healthcare trailblazers, including guidance, lists of standards approved and in development
• Search a wide range of apprenticeships in clinical and non-clinical roles
• Contribute to consultations
• Access up to date information on withdrawal of Skills for Health Apprenticeship Frameworks
• Put forward suggestions for apprenticeship standard developments
• Keep up to date on development of specific standards

Skills for Health facilitators have engaged with over 550 employers, 120 Higher Education Institutions and 200 stakeholders through the development of standards. In addition, over 1800 people have also signed up to the regular HASO newsletter providing updates and information on standards.

Find out more about HASO here.

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