I find it hard to believe that it is already Week 5 and that next week will be my final discussion for this work experience series.

This week I am going to discuss placement planning and managing implementation.

I suggest that the delivery of work experience should consist of a wide range of safe experiences and a variety of work related opportunities. This will contribute towards you having a well-informed potential workforce with the ability to make informed progression choices. My advice is this…have Work Placement Plans in place… know the current legislation, including health and safety and …be actively engaged in ensuring that outcomes and delivery content are relevant to the needs of the organisation and work placements.

When managing implementation there needs to be allocated roles, responsibilities and activities for each relevant individual who is involved in work experience, as they need to be clear about this to deliver successful work placements. Ask yourself…has time, money and people resources been identified and allocated?...has the level of involvement required from individuals been made explicit? And…..what about support for people involved in work placements?


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Ruby Draper

I accept this method to be implemented and hope it will help to many. Being a writer in buy essays online I have felt that placement plannings are to be discussed in detail

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