Welcome to week 4, this week I will concentrate firstly on assessing where you might be with the work experience agenda and where you can aspire to be.

Do you measure your work experience activity against Workforce Planning and Organisational Development strategies and is there a record of existing activity that has previously been and currently being undertaken?

Try to establish baseline benchmarks against work experience engagement; record and communicate this to partners and right up to Board level.

Secondly, you will need to look at identifying key challenges, to prepare you to argue your case for work experience…..You will need to address the 'gaps' between where you are and the Strategic Vision…outcomes will need to be communicated, agreed and prioritised …look at the best options within the agreed constraints and record these decisions.

Risks associated with each challenge will need to be identified and documented, with action plans as appropriate and suggested solutions to address them……..don’t try and do this all yourself, utilise your work experience network of colleagues, stakeholders and partners!


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Sharon Ensor

There are often many excuses given by healthcare organisations for not providing work experience particularly for young people. However with the reduction in accessible career advice in schools this is really important, especially if we want to reduce the average age of the workforce and especially if young people are to be attracted to the hundreds of career opportunities. Hopefully members of MyHealthSkills will share some of their challenges here so that we can share any good practice.

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Health organisations need to attract young people into the workforce if they are to run successful organisations in the future.  The demographics suggest that the people working in Health are getting older and that many young people are not looking at health organisations as a prospective employer, unless they aspire to be a doctor or a nurse. The benefits of supporting young people in particular into the Health workforce are tha…

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