When Traineeships was introduced by NAS in September 2013 it was seen as another work programme that could be open to abuse by employers and I am sure it will be by some unscrupulous people. However we used the process and our first cohort are just finishing and a second cohort is being recruited. 

They do 4-weeks pre-employment with a college we work with, then 30hrs over 4 days with us for two months with them attending college for English/Maths on the fifth day. After the placement they do a week of next steps and signposting.

Our commitment includes running the recruitment and this is values, attitude and behaviours focussed. We give the young people a formal panel interview at week three to allow them to earn their placement and put into practice what they have leant. At the end of the placement they get a reference and a separate form identifying development areas, both soft skills and qualifications based. This is followed by a day of support around NHS Jobs, and information on our apprenticeship programme. We expect to give at least 40% of the trainee’s an apprenticeship position including as HCAs and administrative roles.

It does take time and commitment to make the programmes run and resources are challenging to identify in the present climate but the rewards for the organisation, and more importantly the young person can be huge. A bit like the saying “changing the world one person at a time". 


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Sharon Ensor

Paul this sounds great I am full of admiration and as you say the buzz comes from supporting a young person through that really difficult transition between formal education (or not...) and the workplace. I don't think our education system does anywhere enough to support people in that space, where the seeds of self doubt can be sown.

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