It's not too late to enter but ......the Competition closing date 1st February is fast approaching! 

We want your projects, Have you been involved in or led a project or have work plans that have had an impact on your workforce that has led to improvements for staff, patients, families, organisations, patient safety or service delivery? If so, tell us about it! You could win one of two prizes of Ten Android Tablets for your organisation, by sharing good practise. Join the MyHealthSkills competition group to find out more. 

Entry is simple just tell us what the issue or problem was, that you were/are trying to address. There is no set criteria for how projects or work plans are delivered or the types of workforce skills involved but you must be able to demonstrate an impact in the health sector. Your project can be completed or in progress. Projects can be themed or topic based such as dementia, tele-health, apprenticeships, persistent physical symptoms to name a few.  The entry form can be downloaded from this website but you will need to register your profile and join the competition group to participate. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions you would like answering, please contact 

Good luck!


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