Twitter Chat: Have you undertaken a project that has resulted in an impact on the health sector? We want your success stories!

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Have you undertaken or been part of a project that has involved changes in service delivery? Has your project resulted in changes to working practise by the workforce? Has your project resulted in a measurable impact on for example, quality, cost, patient safety or delivery of care? 

Why not share your stories with us? Two luckily winners will each win ten android tablets for your organisation.

Not sure if your project is suitable? Why not join the twitter chat today between 1245 - 13:00 where you will be able to ask questions, gain more information and ideas and find out how to submit your entry.

Just tell us what the issue or problem was that you were/are trying to address. There is no set criteria for how projects are delivered or the types of workforce skills, but you must be able to demonstrate an impact in the health sector. Your project can be completed or in progress.

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If yes, join this chat to find out how you can get involved. Good Luck!


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